5 Ways to Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

Every person has a set of goals they want to achieve by the time they retire. Whether they are grand career dreams or even tiny objectives, the satisfaction we get from reaching a goal is worthy of a celebration. That is if you manage to keep every other aspect of your life in check. 

Even with success in tow, it’s hard to ignore the opportunity costs you’ve stumbled upon getting to where you are right now. This type of reflection might have crossed your mind after making big decisions but we are here to tell you that they’re completely normal—you are human, after all! 

And while it may seem like you have everything working well in your favour, ask yourself whether or not you are investing enough time and attention in your family, friends, and most importantly, on yourself. Bigger goals often mean newer plans of action thus, you might want to reflect on improving your work-life balance when it comes to it. 

Does this idea ring a bell to you? If you need a refresher on how to get that balance back in your life!

Accept that imperfections are perfectly fine. 

Perfectionist behaviours often come in many forms. A tiny mistake or even a slight deviation can set your mood for the rest of the day. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting the very best, such high expectations can trickle down to even the most personal aspects of your life, leaving you unsatisfied even when things are good enough. 

Perfection does not always equate to excellence and should not be a non-negotiable in both your life and career. You can avoid burnout sessions when you decide to aim for better results with realistic expectations. 

Learn to let go of habits that don’t serve you.

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Maintaining balance in your work-life situation can leave you treading on thin ice if you’re not open to letting go of old habits. While they may have worked for you in the past, you need to consider that you’ve gone through so many changes to get where you are right now. This means figuring out what routines or even mindsets that no longer suit your current lifestyle. 

Such destructive habits can come in the form of passing up a good night’s rest for extra hours on your workload, trading family time for business gatherings or even surrounding yourself within toxic network environments. These things may grant you a few plus points in your job but what you truly deserve is a set of sustainable habits that are gratifying in the long run. 

Connect out of love, not out of obligation. 

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Think about how often you step out of your way to connect with other people in the day or week. Do you find the time or make the time for your loved ones? Many people have their own ways of reconnecting with your social circles and not all work the same hours. With that said, we all do our very best to be present but we must do so with genuine intent. 

We make time for our friends and family because we cherish the roles they play in our lives, not because spending time with them is another task to cross out from a to-do list. We can’t blame ourselves for giving our all to achieve our career goals. However, a good work-life balance involves reconnecting out of love, not out of obligation. 

Health is wealth. 

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This is a given but we can’t stress enough how truly important it is to take care of our health. This includes your mental and emotional well-being on top of the physical. You may be sweating it out in the gym regularly but it’s also vital to check in with your emotions and mental state. 

Take the time to breathe and meditate. If you find the need to lift some heavy weight off your chest, don’t hesitate to talk to someone you trust. Your overall well-being is the utmost priority and practising healthy habits is not selfish. You’ll find that keeping all your vitals in check will be more worthwhile if you put happiness into the picture. 

Work smart. 

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One of the best ways you can improve work-life balance is to work smarter. Working hard doesn't always mean working smart. The former is what we are used to: achieve the best results by putting in long hours of productivity. The latter, however, is often overlooked by many. You may not realise this but the principle of working smarter is quite simple. 

Smart work is achieving the best results but with careful and thoughtful planning. This includes setting your priorities straight wherever needed. Although these two practices often go hand-in-hand, it’s still good to be reminded that efficiency can also be attained even with shortcuts. 

Do you have any fool-proof tips on improving work-life balance? Let us know through our social media handles! 

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