5 Ways You Are Stopping Your Own Happiness

Happiness is a big word. It’s a feeling we are all taught as children to be found in those we love, in hobbies we pursue, and even the smallest of things that give us an ounce of joy and excitement. To one child, happiness can be a box of chocolates. To another, it’s blowing candles on a birthday cake. 

As we get older, our understanding of happiness grows deeper. We tend to look for joy in things that demand a little effort and sacrifice. Unlike children, happiness is a goal. Suddenly, it’s not all about rainbows and unicorns—suddenly, it’s a lot harder to find. 

As adults, we have priorities to straighten out and responsibilities to uphold—things that are almost impossible to ignore. We all go through a myriad of speed bumps in our lives but that shouldn’t stop us from fostering an environment where happiness can be created.

This way, the path to achieving happiness becomes more meaningful in the process. If you need a reality check, we are here to help you recognise habits that may limit joy in your life.

You shy away from challenges, big and small.

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It’s easy to equate happiness with feeling good. Both concepts are great but the paths to achieve them don’t have that much in common. A semblance of their difference can come in the form of shying away from things that help you become a better version of yourself. 

Many will agree that avoiding risks keeps you safe—you have a basic routine that keeps you feeling good. However, when opportunities come knocking at your door, it’s inevitable to feel uncomfortable, especially around the many changes you’d have to make. Shying away from challenges may hinder you from achieving an even bigger and better purpose in life—and that includes happiness. 

You tend to compare yourself to others. 

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Not one human being is the same. It’s normal to put yourself next to someone and point out your differences. There’s no harm in discovering differences but the act can be destructive if you decide to become your own harshest critic. 

Comparing yourself to others can cause misjudgement of the self. It can lead you to create unrealistic expectations that can hinder personal growth in the long run. This habit leads you to believe that you will never be enough and worse, lead you to become someone you are not. 

You stick around people who don’t inspire you. 

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This is a tricky one, especially since we all have our circle of friends whom we seek comfort and reassurance. We’ve all been told to build meaningful relationships with other people but that overwhelming trust can sometimes blur the line between healthy and toxic. 

It’s difficult to put your foot forward and speak your mind about how someone treats you, especially if it’s someone you care about. However, if you worry about what your friends might think or feel discouraged by them, you might want to set things straight with your circle. 

You have every right to walk away from people who don’t inspire you to be your best self. Your friends should never hinder you from becoming a better person. Stick around people who are more than willing to cheer you on. 

You feed your mind with too much ‘junk’. 

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This ‘junk’ you might feed yourself with does not just limit to unhealthy snacks. In fact, you can find ‘junk’ in social media, the news, and even from people who speak ill of others. The negativity you hear and see can hinder your own happiness when you manifest it in your own actions. 

You are what you eat as they say and if you feed your mind with self-deprecating pep talks, you’ll always think you’re never good enough. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Pay attention to what you read, eat, and even think about—the more you reflect on them, the more likely you are to shred toxins from both your mind and body. 

You build too many walls around yourself. 

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Self-preservation is natural in human beings. We find ways to protect ourselves but more often than not, the walls we build around ourselves might be doing more harm than good. That is if you control yourself too much. This self-limiting habit is common among those who don’t want to expose their vulnerability. 

With so many empowered people today, it’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘over independence’. The logic here is, the higher and thicker walls you build, the less pain and suffering you will experience. It’s a reasonable theory, however, doing this will prevent you from developing deeper connections with people and even yourself. 

Vulnerability is not a weakness—it is a part of you that is beautifully human, a part that lets you explore and belong. Learn to slowly let your walls down and embrace your vulnerability. After all, you might just be a bird who wasn’t meant to be caged. 

Tell us how you encourage others to foster happiness in their lives through here!


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