50 First KURVE

Written by : Tamariskha Tibby 

Inspired by the title of a movie: “50 First Dates” starred by none other than THE Adam Sandler and THE Drew Barrymore themselves (loved the movie!), I am here to take you on an adventure on my 50 First KURVE pieces ever… hashtag, #honestreview.

What was your experience of purchasing a KURVE item for the first time like? I’ll go first. Just like any usual college girl out there, Instagram was our go-to social media back then since 2015 (ugh, old) until TikTok came around. I was scrolling down my Instagram timeline and stumbled upon a post made by one of my favourite influencers, Vinna Gracia. It was August 15, 2019 and Vinna was seen wearing a black tank top, holding a glass of wine with a very scenic background. I tapped the picture out of curiosity and asked, “what is this tank top that she is wearing? It looks AMAZING”. It turned out to be @kurve.official. I started following KURVE’s instagram and finally asked KURVE, in October 2019 about their OG Pasta Tank 1.0 in Tazmania, here’s a little proof for you:


(An actual conversation between me and Ms. @paulaanselmi back in 2019)

Their contents and clothings just made me crave for more! After hunting down the OG Pasta Tank 1.0, I then fell in love with their Chuck Crop Top when it first came out and blindly bought it in all colours available. Since then, I can never stop my thumbs from contacting KURVE’s admin to buy MORE and MORE. Who can relate?  ANYWAYS, let’s get back to the topic: 50 First KURVE.

I’m not quite sure if I have 50 KURVE pieces, or more? Who knows? All of my KURVE pieces are scattered all over my wardrobe.

For now, I might not be able to mention all my 50 First KURVE in the exact order, but I could tell you my FIVE all time favourite KURVE pieces:


Pasta Tank 1.0 (in all colours!—but I love Tazmania so much)

(Ms. @paulaanselmi looking gorgeous in this remarkable piece!)

Pairing Pasta Tank 1.0 with a pair of jeans? You can never go wrong with that combination! Choose any colour (my top three colours for this piece are: black, white and tazmania) of your likings and pair with a high-waisted bottom to achieve that stylish and fresh look.

Jim Bodysuit


(Credits to Ms. @paulaanselmi yet again. Don’t blame me, blame her amazing style)

One of my all time favourites! Jim Bodysuit in the colour Saint. FYI: I wanted to save more money and was thinking back and forth when this first launched. The result? I was never able to get my hands on this stunning bodysuit. You could learn from my experience #KURVIES! Grab them while they last!

Flex Tank

(@audreyisman spotted wearing Flex Tank in Cadbury! flexin’ it!)

A flexible tank! And in the colour Cadbury too! You could never go wrong with this tank. Pssst!

These tanks don’t last very long in KURVE’s inventory, buy them now!

P Bodysuit (Barbie is my favourite colour!)

Wanted to save money? THINK TWICE, TIBBY! Never got my hands on this beautiful baby as well. P Bodysuit in Barbie is the perfect bodysuit anyone could ever ask for; simple yet elegant. I guess I’d rather save my tears than save my money next time!

Serena Bodysuit 2.0

(@sisigapunyaig spotted wearing KURVE’s Serena Bodysuit 2.0 in Canyon)


After writing for quite some time, I just realised that I actually have a thing for KURVE’s bodysuits (some of my other favourites are Rosita, Refined and Hokee Pokee!). Sheilla/Sisi looks amazing and sporty with this Serena Bodysuit 2.0. I could never lift my legs that high, a 30° angle is good enough for me #notsosporty.

WELL, ENOUGH ABOUT ME! I’ve had fun, but what about you guys? What was it like when you bought KURVE for the first time? Are you up for the challenge to list down your 50 First KURVE ever? Leave YOUR stories on the comment section down below and let’s have a chat together #KURVIES!

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