7 Things to Add to Your Wardrobe This Year

Sometimes, more is more, especially when your wardrobe is involved. If there is anything we’ve learned this past rollercoaster of a year, it’s finding ways to improve our signature styles. You might have seen several fashion tips and how-tos on social media and we get it—they just make you want to shop for something new!

Who doesn’t love a shopping spree anyway? We know we do! With many outfit ideas popping up, it can be hard to fixate on a specific style. However, that shouldn’t stop you from exploring your options. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered a bunch of fresh and stylish items you should add to your wardrobe this year. 

Ready to find what suits you? Read on further!


In frame : All in Twisty Sweater in Stone and Grip Bike Short in Venom

Who says being stylish means sticking to the status quo? With everyone spending most of their days indoors, there is a great demand for comfort outside the comfort of our own homes. Loungewear is making a huge step forward in style guides and we are all for it! 

Loungewear is great for those who prefer laidback styles. Grab your favourite sweater, some biker shorts, and strut the streets with comfort in tow. Even better, opt for cropped sweaters or knitwear for an added flare! 

High-waisted denim 

In frame : @cinthia.sanusi in Pasta Tank 1.0 in Banana

Vintage will never go out of style and high-waisted jeans from the early turn of the denim era are making a comeback this season. While these comfy pairs are not entirely new, they are versatile and worth every buck. 

One of our favourite features of high-waisted jeans is that they flatter almost every body shape. Depending on the material you choose, best believe that a great pair will last you a long time. 

Basic tops

We will never get tired of basics! They are so easy to find and style that no matter what season it is, they will remain trendy. From tanks to shirts, basic tops are easy to mix and match, giving you outfits for almost every day of the week. 

Pair your favourite basic top with statement bottoms or accessories to amplify your look for the day. The bottom line is that no matter what your mood is, there is a basic top ready to be worn. 

Statement blazers or layers

In frame : @nathaniec in Kimmy Tank in Tazmania, @annisaays in Angelou Tank in Venom, Paula in Lala Tank in Angelite

Feeling a little low maintenance this season? Invest in a good blazer or coat to add to your wardrobe! Opt for both thin and thick materials so that you have options for any type of weather. 

These statement pieces are also easy to pair with any basic top you have sitting in your closet. They can easily turn old items into something completely new! With that said, don’t be afraid to play around with patterns or sizes. Trust us, statement layers almost rarely disappoint.

Assorted bodysuits


In frame : Paula in Serena Bodysuit in Pistachio, and Hector Bodysuit in Canyon

Need a good mix of practical and stylish? Bodysuits are totally in for the season! They give you that ‘tucked in’ look minus the hassle. If it’s a seamless outline you are going for, then assorted bodysuits should have a rightful place in your wardrobe. 

There are several bodysuit styles to choose from. Billowing sleeves and form-fitting designs are popular and easy to find, especially from KURVE’s catalogue. They are great for comfort and function when heading out to do errands for the day. 

Wide-legged trousers

In frame : @kris.zwijnenburg in Anselmi Culotte in Cloudy

Culottes, square pants, and wide-fit chinos are great go-to’s for a busybody.  They are comfortable and easy to manoeuvre in, especially if you are a fan of walking. They can come in fun, funky, and even practical designs that are easy to pair with bodysuits or even basic tops.

Want a tip? Get these trousers with pockets on each side. What are you waiting for? Add to cart now!

Functional shift dress

In frame : @cinthia.sanusi in Belle Dress in KURVE and Quinsay Dress in Venom

Another wardrobe essential for those who love to get going! Shift dresses come in several outlines that are designed to bring function to the table. Form-fitting dresses are great for smart casual to formal occasions while loose-fitting ones are perfect for casual settings. 

Think of it as a blank canvas for anyone looking to set up a new personal style. Whether you choose to level up or tone down, a functional shift dress is a good place to start. 

Got some other wardrobe ideas you want to share? Let us know through our social media channels! 

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