A Kurvie’s Guide to Body Shape Styling

 Written by : Ica Lim

Your body is a temple and it is perfect just the way it is. Even if you can’t change certain things about your physical self, your styling techniques can! You’ll find dozens of trending outfits on the internet and it’s easy to fall in love with them. However, just because something looks great in a photograph, does not mean it will do your beautiful body justice. 

Dressing appropriately for your body shape is a vital step in perfecting your personal style. Now that you’ve got your favourite KURVE basics with you, take a closer look at what we have to share about highlighting your natural and beautiful body with our styling guide below:

Body shape #1: The Hourglass

The Hourglass figure is often likened to curvy outlines. Your bust, hips, and thighs are full and your waist is more defined, often narrower than than the three. An Hourglass body shape is also quite versatile, giving you flattering silhouettes in almost any type of clothing. 

For Kurvies, make the most out of your Hourglass figure by opting for form-fitting dresses with open necklines. To draw more attention to your defined waist, or add more definition to it, opt for sleeves that fall just around your elbow. This will heighten the illusion of fuller hips and thighs. 

Best KURVE items for Hourglass shapes:

Body shape #2: The Apple

The Apple figure includes a well-proportioned torso with broad shoulders that look fuller and longer than your hips. Your waistline may not be as defined but we have secrets to fix that for you!

The best way to style Apple body shapes is to draw more attention to your bust, arms, and legs. There’s plenty of room to highlight your wonderful features and with KURVE, your charming silhouette has never looked this good. 

Opt for flowy blouses or sleeves that have great necklines that show off your bust to give it more structure. A-line outlines for skirts or dresses complement the Apple shape the best! If you’re more like a casual Kurvie, medium to high-rise, loose-fitting mom or boyfriend jeans work perfectly with almost any top you want! 

Best KURVE items for Apple shapes:

Body shape #3: The Pear 

Ever wondered what a Pear shaped-body looks like? To some people, this body type is likened to a triangle. Your thighs and hips tend to be a lot fuller and wider than your bust and shoulders. To flaunt your features with this body shape, you’d want to draw proportions across your torso. 

You can do this by opting for square-neck tops or blouses. This draws more attention to your sharp collarbones and shoulders thus, visually balancing your fuller lower half. Asymmetrical sleeves also work well for Pear shapes! 

Best KURVE items for Pear shapes:

Body shape #4: The Rectangle

If you see that your body has always looked athletic in build, then you most probably fall under the Rectangle body shape. This type is often associated with supermodels who have proportionate hips, waists, and shoulders. 

You might have a smaller bust but your overall figure speaks volumes of how beautiful you are! Even better, the Rectangle shape is so easy to style! For this type, we like to add more definition to curves–or at least, give the illusion of having them. Contoured dresses, peplum blouses, and asymmetrical tops work best. 

Best KURVE items for Rectangle shapes: 

The bottom line:

No matter the shape you were born with, there is no doubt that a perfect fit is meant for you. It may take a little effort to come up with a signature style but with closer attention, you’ll find that your favourite basics work just fine. 

Here at KURVE, we believe every woman is unique and beautiful. We encourage you to explore your options and discover what your natural beauty has to offer. Need a jumpstart? Head on over to our social media channels and learn more about what we do! 

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