Comeback Season: 90s Trends We Still Love Today

Written by : Ica Lim

We’re back for another trip down memory lane! This time around, we’re exploring one of the most timeless fashion trends from the edgy 90s. The decade was defined by elements that countered the more flashy trends of the 80s. Although minimalism was a central theme, other significant influences from music, art, and film largely impacted the decade’s overall aesthetic.

To give you a better idea, here are some of the most iconic 90s trends you can definitely rock today:

Loose-fit denim.

Goodbye skinny jeans! This laidback denim trend recently made waves following a surge of the normcore aesthetic. For starters, loose-fit denim usually comprises mom, boyfriend, tapered, and flare jeans. 

The 1990s were all about ‘casual chic’ and denim washes often leaned toward lighter tones. The skater subculture dominated the latter part of the era, giving mainstream acclaim for an unapologetically casual aesthetic among the youth. Best to pair your best loose-fitting jeans with cropped spaghetti tanks or razorback tops!

The grunge flannel.

Another iconic 90s trend would be grunge. The rise of alternative and rock music in the pop culture scene led fans to copy their idols’ styles. Oversized flannels over plain or statement tees were common during this time period.

A modern twist to the look is to tie the flannel shirt over your waist as an accessory. Pair this with a form-fitting top and a leather jacket for an added flare. Acid washes and tattered jeans were a top choice among the youth so if you have them sitting in your closet, now’s your time to let them shine!

Hip Hop galore.

1990s fashion wouldn’t be complete without the puffy and sporty layers we’ve come to love over the years. The hip hop scene was a central movement among fashion enthusiasts who took inspiration from the most influential artists at the time–and no, they’re not your typical alternative rock bands. 

Hip Hop fashion brought along style trends like bomber jackets, baseball hats, and flashy colours. Windbreakers were common among the adoring youth, especially those who favoured brighter colours over the monochromatic grunge style. 

Paparazzi go-tos.

Celebrities are, and have always been, influential when it comes to trendsetting. Before social media was the cream of the crop, people of the 90s relied on television and print media. Celebrity style trends on the news or latest magazine issue are usually what people look forward to when they relax. 

With that said, many iconic figures of the 90s like Wynona Ryder, Lisa Bonet, and Jennifer Aniston, all set the fashion bar high in mainstream media. Famous pieces we still love wearing today are slip dresses, cropped tops, and high-rise jeans. Although not all 90s trends lasted, there are still many noteworthy ensembles we like using as inspiration today. 

Pretty and preppy.

You don’t need to own a summer home in the Hamptons to perfect this look. Yes, we get it. There are many preppy elements in almost every decade but there is something about the 90s subculture that sets it apart from most. 

We can give Alicia Silverstone’s Beverly Hills-clad character from Clueless the credit. Although the film depicts mostly affluent teenagers in their plaid skirts and cashmere sweaters, the preppy style is actually quite easy to put together–and you don’t have to shell out too much cash for it. 

Pair your favourite basic sweater or top with a plaid skirt and knee high socks. Throw in matching headbands or scrunchies to complete the look. As a response to the darker tones of grunge, the 90s preppy style is another side of femininity we love to embrace. 

The bottom line:

Whether you’re dressed for street or school, the 90s style spectrum has you covered for all days of the week! While there are plenty more ways you can level up your chosen aesthetic, one thing’s for sure is that basics are perfect for getting you started. 

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