Fashion Police: The Dos and Don’ts of Basic Wear

Let’s face it–basic wear sounds like an easy peg to copy. You throw on a neutral top, a pair of bottoms, and you’re good to go! However, don’t let convenience fool you completely. Even the most basic of outfits are products of structured planning. 

With that said, some mishaps come with basic wear but they are mostly easy fixes. By that, we mean a few little fashion reminders that can help sway the style odds to your favour. Needless to say, you can rock basic wear without looking...too basic. 

Take a look at some of KURVE’s dos and don’ts of basic wear styling:

Don’t settle for just one type of silhouette. 

You don’t have to be absolute with this fashion rule but when it comes to basic wear, you might want to let go of sticking to just one style structure and play around more with what you already own. 

Basic wear is all about comfort and function. You don’t want to sit or stand around in your oh-so tight ensemble. Play around with fabrics when it comes to layering. 

Do add contrast. 

Stemming from our first tip, try to give your outfit a little more structure by adding contrast. If you’re already wearing a tight crop top, try layering it with an oversized button-down or switch to drapey skirts or baggy pants like mom jeans. This gives you comfort on top of style. 

Don’t pair contrasting colours. 

Think of the colour wheel as your palette guide. While it’s fun to play around with colour, some hues just don’t match, especially when worn right next to each other. Navy shirts, for example, don’t always look flattering with bright reds. Cooler tones paired next to warmer tones should be paid extra attention. Get a lighter hue if you wish but don’t always think opposites attract, especially in basic wear.

Do opt for neutral or earthy tones. 

Earthy tones like green and brown are pretty colours, especially when paired together. Their pastel counterparts are often pleasing to the eye such as nude and soft green. If you’re feeling a little daring, you can throw in a statement piece such as bags or accessories–just make sure they blend really well with your chosen colour palette. 

Don’t ignore patterns and textures. 

Feeling a little experimental? The great thing about basic wear is that it is easy to mix and match pieces of louder and softer patterns or textures. If you feel like you need a little boost in character, pair a basic top with some striped pants. Don’t let the illusion of stripes distort your figure–they almost always slim your silhouette when used in the right places. 

Do go intimate. 

Nowadays, you’ll find lace or lingerie-inspired tops and dresses making waves in fashion. While they may seem daring, they are also very chic and stylish. If you’re going to pair them with your basic wear, lacey or see-through tops work great as extra layers of sexy. Feeling like wearing that velvet skirt? Let your basic top balance the appeal. 

Don’t wear an outfit that’s not you. 

There is nothing wrong with trying out new style trends but if you feel like it’s not your cup of tea, don’t go through with it. Your signature style is a personal journey and when you dress up as somebody you’re not, you’re likely to misplace your confidence. If you like sticking with normcore, so be it! We’re all for it! 

Do support fashion labels with a purpose. 

Now, this doesn’t directly affect how you look but instead affects your lifestyle. KURVE believes that fashion goes beyond just fabric. There is always a story to tell behind your wardrobe and your journey towards finding the right style should be meaningful. Labels who want to make a difference, all the while giving quality products to empowered clients, are worth time and attention. 

Explore your options and read the causes your staple sellers support. Find out who they collaborate with and read more about the movements or causes they support together. You might find your next favourite store in just a few clicks!

Care to share your rules in fashion? We’d love to hear from you! Check out KURVE’s latest happenings through our social media channels.

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