Girl Talk: Qualities That Make You an Empowered Woman!

She is
beauty, she is grace—she has strong qualities to embrace! No matter what comes a woman’s way, best you bet, she has an ace up her sleeve. Women empowerment is a relevant movement and with all the good that it brings, there are still important questions to be answered. What is an empowered woman? What does it take to be one? Can I be one?

We all have our opinions of what an ideal ‘empowered woman’ is. While it is a given that every woman is unique in her own way, you’ll find that there are certain qualities that shine brighter than most—and you best believe that you already have them within you! 

Knowledge, integrity, kindness, and influence. These are just a few of many traits that an empowered woman exudes. While we do have it within us to bring out the best versions of ourselves, we sometimes need to be reminded of how powerful an impact we bring to the world. After all, we are perfectly imperfect human beings!

Let KURVE set the record straight and remind you of the qualities that make YOU an empowered woman:

1. She pursues knowledge and bows to wisdom.

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An empowered woman believes that learning never stops. She knows that the more knowledge she acquires, the better asset she becomes. She develops a deeper understanding of the world, her community, and most importantly, herself. 

While an empowered woman seeks knowledge in all ways possible, she doesn’t pursue it to bring everyone else down. She shares and cultivates a conducive space for growth and learning. Even better, when crossroads present themselves before her, she will know exactly what call to make.

2. She reflects and learns from her mistakes. 

Mistakes and failures are inevitable and even if it’s hard to admit it, they are necessary. An empowered woman believes that her fair share of trials and tribulations are vital steps towards becoming a better version of herself. She knows that she must overcome hurdles for a bigger purpose in the end. 

An empowered woman knows that she is vulnerable but not broken. She embraces who she is—all the failures and mistakes considered. 

3. She practices self-love and self-care.

Every woman takes on her self-love journey in ways that is uniquely hers. Self-love and self-care are two very important practices in an empowered woman’s life but growth doesn’t always look the same. 

An empowered woman takes the time to care for herself. She steps back to remind herself that she is valued and does not limit herself to the ideals of society. Even if the process of truly loving and caring for herself is hard, she knows it is worth it. 

4. She strides in confidence. 


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Confidence is a result of overcoming limitations. An empowered woman is confident in a way that she knows her values. She breaks free from the moulds that belittle her. While she recognises her safe space, an empowered woman exudes confidence in her own skin.

 Be it through what she fervently believes in or through what she wears, a confident woman is not afraid to stand up and take action. She speaks her mind and does it constructively. 

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5. She respects boundaries—even her own. 


Too much of anything is dangerous. Setting boundaries is an important call to make and it doesn’t just limit relationships. An empowered woman respects the boundaries of the people around her, even her loved ones. Most importantly, she respects her own. 

An empowered woman builds healthy connections with people and keeps an open mind. She listens to other opinions and takes risks if it means becoming a better person in the end. She doesn’t overstep—she can be brutally honest but focuses on the truth rather than the brutality. 

6. She knows she is worth it. 

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If you’re still wondering about what it takes to be an empowered woman, the simple answer is this: you know your worth. Every woman has a purpose in this world and they deserve opportunities to succeed. She knows that she is worthy of a seat at the table and that her potential is not meant to be caged.

An empowered woman empowers other women. She champions a generation whose voices need to be heard. Even if she needs to be reminded of her own worth from time to time, she knows she is enough. 

Do you feel empowered? KURVE believes you are! With every woman who cheers on others as they reach their goals, the road to success becomes sweeter. Let us know what you think! 

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