How to Style Your Christmas Outfit : 5 Styles to Pick For Your 2021’s Christmas Festivities

Ho-ho-ho🎅… It’s never too early for Christmas!

Get ready to embark on this month’s festivities as we give you recommendations on what to wear during this holiday season.  

This Christmas might look a little different though, with travel restrictions still being imposed and the new COVID-19 variant emerges as we enter the month of December.

And depending on where you live, what your Christmas celebration looks like, as well as your own personal unique style, the outfit that you choose for this year’s Christmas might be different to each other. 

Being and looking different is good! You could look classy, comfy, glamorous and even… simple, but still looking gorgeous no matter the style you opt for at the end ;) 

Anyways! Here are the top 5 style recommendations specially curated for you #KURVIES to wear this upcoming Christmas:

  • Festive Dresses

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    You’ve got to really look the part to have some holiday fun!

    Choose to be traditional and wear the special colours of Christmas (red and green) or opt for a more classy option with silver or gold sequined dresses. 

    Match your dress with a pair of shiny high heels and a small handbag to complete your look.  


  • Simple and Chic
  • (KURVE’s Womxn Tank in Brick and Slit Culottes in Saint)

    Beauty through simplicity, that’s what we are

    Our definition of ‘beauty’ and ‘simple’ might differ, but mine is definitely KURVE. 

    Look effortlessly beautiful by pairing these two stunning pieces together❤️.

    Be a head-turner wherever you are, with KURVE. 

  • Layered Up


    Sweater weather means it’s time for your outerwears to make a comeback! 

    Be it a leather jacket, an old cardigan you find under the bed (#np Cardigan - Taylor Swift), coats, or simply sweaters, like its name. 

    With these kinds of outfits, I’d personally go with more neutral colours and a more monochrome look. However, if you like to stand out, opt for more bright and enchanting colours! 

  • Laid Back

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    Are you not celebrating Christmas this year or in general? Don’t worry, we’ve always got you covered. If you’re just staying safe at home and just want to get cozy during this rainy season, a matching sweater and sweatpants as well as hoodies and jogger could be your go-to outfit during this month. 

    Just like this year’s flexibility, you could wear it as you work from home, sleep, and do various activities at your place. Maybe you’ve dressed up the whole year and December could be the month for you to finally take a break and get comfortable but still look amazing!

    Get a cup of coffee and enjoy your break #KURVIES, and have a slow and relaxing Christmas. 



  • A Vintage Christmas

  • This is your opportunity to dress as if we went back in time!

    Achieve these feminine looks with long flowy skirts in Christmas colours and pair it with a blouse or any matching top. 

    This is THE LOOK for you if you’re thinking of celebrating Christmas at the house of your partner’s family for the first time ;)

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