Marriage Material: What to Wear When You Meet the Family

It’s one thing to find ‘the one’ but nothing else gives you the butterflies other than meeting your partner’s family for the first time. We all want to make great first impressions but the pressure does seem to feel sky-high in family dinners! As nerve-wracking as it seems, a little prep can help make things a little easier for you. Don’t worry, we’re all rooting for you!

Meeting your partner’s family is almost always an inevitable phase in a relationship. That said, you will always want to present yourself in the best way possible when that time comes. If you need a little boost in charming your future in-laws (fingers crossed!), keep these fun tips in mind when you prepare for a night you and your partner will definitely remember. 

Wear colourful clothing for a change. 

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Monochrome may be a safe option but there’s no harm in experimenting with the colours you have stacked in your closet. Unless you’re meeting them in a formal venue, you might want to swap your little black dress for a vibrant ensemble. 

You don’t have to wear bright colours from head to toe—a little pop of colour goes a long way. Pastels and even bolder hues for tops will work just fine. Let your outfit match your charming personality and you will be well on your way to receiving another invitation!

Keep things chic but functional.

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Keep in mind that dressing to impress the parents may involve wearing something functional, just in case you want to score a few extra points by lending a hand with the dishes after dinner. That said, opt for basic tops that you can easily layer with accessories or even a coat. 

Pair a flattering basic top with your favourite pair of bottoms. You’ll have many options to play around with as you dress according to the venue. Opt for dark wash jeans or chinos to complete that chic but comfy look! 

Charm them with your personal style.

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They say actions speak louder than words and we believe that your own personal style will be a testament to that! If you want to show a little more of your personality without having to boast about it, it’s best to unleash your styling techniques. 

If you find that your personal style doesn’t fit the occasion, get those creative juices in play and tone down your statement pieces or level up your safest picks. Find a way to create an eye-catching ensemble that speaks volumes about who you are. Who knows, your outfit may very well start a lovely conversation during dinner!

Keep those necklines within the safe zone. 

In frame : @victoriagabys in Quinsay Dress in Mocha

By that, we mean saving those slitted dresses for another time. The way you dress also says a lot about your manners and keeping things a little modest can prove to be good in the long run. Swap your sultry dresses for a comfy yet flattering shift dress or blouses with cute sleeves. 

Your neckline might have caught your partner’s eye on your first date but it might not always work in a family dinner. Opt for classy tops or blouses in neutral colours and with modest necklines and hems. 

Play it a little old-school. 

In frame : @agnesvereen in Classic Bodysuit in Canyon, @vinkaraviera in Kiki Dee Bodysuit in Saint, and Paula in Aoki Crop in Mocha.

Dressing up with a motif in mind is always fun and can prove to be a charmer when you meet your partner’s family. There are plenty of old-school motifs that you can experiment with! Throw in a little bit of old-school charm by opting for tiny elements in accessories, prints, and even your shoes! 

Don’t go overboard with the motif, however. You’re having dinner, not disco night! Pick the subtle elements you can easily play around with and let your personality do the rest. If your outfit happens to unfold memories of the past, you are well on your way to having a splendid time with the parents! 

The bottom line:

There are many factors that can influence your final look for the occasion. This could be the weather, the venue, or even the number of people invited! If it’s a family reunion you are attending, keep your outfits modest yet still eye-catching. If it’s a day spent outdoors, go for something comfy yet functional. 

The bottom line is: don’t force yourself to dress up as someone you are not. Make do with what represents who you truly are. The important thing is to be yourself—trust us, your partner’s family will appreciate it! 

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