Mindfulness 101: Tips for a More Mindful Life!

Don’t let the title fool you. Mindfulness may sound like a complicated word but with closer attention to what being mindful truly entails, you will find that the concept is actually pretty simple. By definition, mindfulness is a state of being present or aware of one’s life, emotions, thoughts, and even surroundings.

In short, being mindful is pretty awesome especially when you harness that ability to uplift others and encourage them to be in touch with their own emotions or thoughts. Mindful practise doesn’t equate to merely drifting away from reality—it’s actually a great way for you to connect with and understand what’s happening at present. 

Do you feel the need to step back and reassess your life in the easiest and best way possible? Read on to bring more mindfulness into your life! 

Practise morning meditations upon waking up.

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No, you don’t need to pick up your yoga mat and change out of your pyjamas to practice this easy and foolproof mindfulness trick. In fact, you can do this in the comfort of your own bed! 

The moment you wake up, switch to a comfy position and let your body relax. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Once you’ve relaxed your mind and body, think about your top priorities or objectives for the day and ask yourself: What can I do to make achieving them more fruitful and fulfilling? 

There are plenty of other questions your can meditate on in the morning. To set clear intentions, focus and meditate on the attitude you want to set for the rest of the day. Think about the qualities you’d want to improve on to make the best possible impact on others. Once you’ve set your intentions for the day, keep a mental note of them as you go about your day. 

Pay closer attention to your body’s needs for nourishment. 

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Eating healthy is essential for your overall well-being but let’s take it up a notch by adding mindfulness to your appetite. The satisfaction and pleasure we get after eating a full meal stem from our needs and senses. The benefits of mindful eating go beyond nutrition—it leads to more fruitful and sustainable nourishment for both mind and soul. 

Start your meal by taking a few deep breaths to calm your mind. Let your body relax and fall into place. Once your body starts to slow down, start taking food according to how hungry you are. Becoming more aware of your hunger levels leads to healthier food choices in the long run. 

Mindful eating allows you to satisfy your needs without feeding yourself too much. The more aware you are of your body’s sense, the more likely you are to choose what is good for you. 

Condition your mind by working out. 

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Make steady use of your energy by working out! You might be wondering how mindfulness comes into play when you work out but the truth is, you’ll end up feeling energised and stronger when you activate your mind. By that, we mean focus! 

Any activity becomes more worthwhile when you condition your mind to keep pushing forward in the process. Working out requires discipline and that usually comes from focusing on the purpose of an active lifestyle. Working out can also improve coordination of the mind and body, an ability that, when honed, results in harmonious control of the self.

Listen to understand, not to reply. 

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Social interaction is another essential need among human beings. We crave attention and are high-wired to interact with others. With that said, the best way to connect with people is to be mindful of their feelings, emotions, and thoughts. 

Mindful interaction entails listening to understand, not simply reply to what others have to say. Mindfulness, even in the simplest of acts, allows you to be more considerate and thoughtful. To put it to practice, be the one who reaches out first.

For example, when your loved one is having a rough day, you tend to steer clear from conversations that would only add salt to the wound. 

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