Paula’s Birthday Collection : Into the Collection

OCTOBER isn’t the month to only get spooky, but it is indeed the month to dress up! Get your glam on as we welcome a very special KURVE’s annual collection: Paula’s Birthday Collection! 🎉 (note: Happy birthday Ms. Paula! let’s send a birthday wish to her DM and write #HereFromtheBlog).

Glam and luxury does not need a price said Ms. Paula when she was asked about what this collection is all about. With our signature fabrics and designs, KURVE’s basic wear has been transformed into a glam wear that will look good on everyone! 

Simplicity, inclusivity and confidence are the three main key values that we try to bring into all of our collections. The difference with this collection? Luxury inclusive luxury with simplicity that brings confidence, wherever you are.

Here are a few exclusive first looks and style inspirations from 2021’s Paula Birthday Collection:

  • AB Crop

  • The old AB can’t come to the phone right now” 💁‍♀️ (#np - Look What You Made Me Do)

    LEGIT FIRE! Look at this picture of Ms. Paula slaying our exclusive AB Crop from this year’s birthday collection. Never knew that our best-selling AB Bodysuit’s retirement could lead us to this masterpiece.

    Get AB Crop in ALL COLOURS (revealed soon!) to achieve an effortless chic look. 

    • Sweetie Long Sleeve Bodysuit    

    I have a hunch that this might be one of the best-selling pieces in this collection! A long-sleeve, body-hugging bodysuit that will accentuate your shapes.

    Pair it with black pants and a pair of heels, combined with flattering silver accessories, to look 💍expensive💍 (psst! people won’t even notice that the bodysuit itself is under Rp 250.000😱).

    Are you getting this one? #KURVIES ;) 

  • Bond Girl Dress

  • Are you having a hard time choosing an outfit for a dinner date with your special significant other? KURVE’s got you covered! 

    Inspired by the 007 series, Ms. Paula created this simple yet extravagant slit midi dress for those who wish to bring out the already-existing-sexiness-and-confidence in them and are ready to take them to the next level.

  • Bright Tank & Glam Culotte

  • “Why doesn’t she choose a clearer picture so we can see the tank clearly?🙄” 

    Well, well, #KURVIES, this article is meant to be a ‘sneak-peek’ that will make you want MORE! So a little ‘mystery’ won’t hurt ;)

    Also, I can only say one thing, when all the colours (for Bright Tank) are exposed, I bet you won’t be able to control your wallet and just buy everything because they’re THAT GOOD. Ugh. Then, you won’t be able to add these tanks to your cart without adding the culotte as well! 

    “Are you selling the culottes too?”

    The answer is yes! And let me tell you a little secret (early access to this information for our #BlogGang): buy the Glam Culotte and “My Boy Shorts” bundle to get a cheaper price 🤫.

  • SaVage Tank

  • Pretty pretty savage! (apologies for the music, k-pop and k-drama references in 

    every blog posts I write, I’m just super obsessed right now😋)

    Like its name, you will look super #SAVAGE and extra with KURVE’s new saVage Tank.

    Be beautifully enchanting with this extraordinary piece.

  • Fierce Tank & My Boy Shorts

  • Is that Pasta Tank 1.0? Nah, it’s not. It’s Fierce

    Zoom in a little bit more to see those fine details on the cropped tank top to add more shapes and structures on your outfit!

    Pair it with ‘My Boy Shorts’ for a more relaxed look or any kind of bottom wear to achieve your desired style #versatilityiskey. 

  • Cardi Straps

  • Ending the blog post with a 💣.

    Get this Cardi Strap in Venom and wear it as a stylish cropped-outer (very #ZamanNow you guys)  or as is! For me, I’d wear this with high-waisted jeans and I’d be ready to take on whatever the world may bring ;) 

    Be extraordinary and never settle for less #KURVIES!

    Written by: Tamariskha Tibby

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