SCORPIO SZN : Get EXTRAORDINARY style inspirations for fellow scorpios this November with KURVE

Ambitious, intense, powerful, strong, and sexy people often use these words to describe the Scorpios they know in their lives. Not only that, strong emotions are also identical to a Scorpio’s characteristics. 

Vengeful yet loyal, two sides of the same coin, can be achieved depending on how someone relates to a Scorpio. If they have built a genuine relationship with each other, Scorpios could give loyalty, compassion, and empathy to the people around them. However, once their trust is broken, Scorpios could display really strong emotions, showing their apparent dislikes everything could get really intense with us (yes I’m a Scorpio myself!), you just gotta choose your side of the coin ;) 

In regards to fashion, though, this intensity is also reflected through what Scorpios wear. I personally would go with just plain black-coloured or nude outfits. Although this doesn’t necessarily imply that I have never put on colourful outfits, I just prefer them dark/simple most of the time.

Here are a few look into some Scorpios-inspired outfits:


Don’t blame me for putting KURVE first! 

Well, what can I say? You must be a KURVIE if you’re reading this anyway ;) These are a few looks I’d definitely wear personally. Then depending on the occasion, I would also add a few accessories to complete my look. I would probably wear a pair of 5-7cm heels and a black handbag with golden chains. That’s a guaranteed head-turner right there!

Not that I have designer handbags (but a girl can and must dream right?😉), but as references, these two (the bag and the heels) are the most likely to be paired with my ALL-BLACK KURVE outfit (#ScorpioGangWhereYouAt). Anyone can still achieve this look with similar yet affordable accessories options! Wearing a pair of big gold hoop earrings could be another additional item to add to complete this look.

👑Celeb Crush Inspired-Scorpios👑

Did you know that our queen Kendall is a Scorpio? Happy belated birthday, gurl 💁‍♀️

Oftentimes our styles are influenced by the people around us, the people we see, and of course, people whom we admire. Kendall Jenner is not just your ordinary girl-next-door type of person, she is a famous American supermodel and a sweetheart to most of us!

Her looks on the pictures above might appear very effortless, but she still pulls these ‘simple’ outfits like a BO$$. You can recreate these looks wearing KURVE’s tanks such as these:

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like wearing cropped tanks (and that’s okay!), you might want to try our bodysuits that have similar necklines such as KURVE’s very own Jim Bodysuit. You can always steal Kendall’s look yet still get creative and comfortable with it! ;) 

Tell us in the comment section down OR post a picture where you recreate your celeb crush Instagram pictures with KURVE and tag us on IG: @kurve.official #KURVIES. We’d always love to see you radiating your confidence with KURVE! <3 It’s contagious, girls! 


It’s 2021 but Pinterest is still our go to place to look for ✨inspirations✨. 

Look glamorous in black with oversized outer (blazer or leather jacket), any bottomwear and a pair of footwear that matches your style! It could be a pair of fashionable boots, heels or even a pair of sneakers. 

Wearing hats and/or a pair of sunnies could also enhance your overall look as well. 

Overall, don’t be afraid to experiment with things! Although black has a strong correlation and IS indeed a literal epitome of the Scorpio sign, you could always try to mix and match with other colours that go well with your personality and style. 

No matter what you wear and how you look, I know you’re always meant to stand up #KURVIES! Especially when you have KURVE on ;) See you in our next blog post!  

Written by: Tamariskha Tibby

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