Shop to Steal: Get Gigi Hadid’s Style!

It’s no secret that we run out of things to wear sometimes. When we stumble upon a dilemma like that, we often turn to social media for inspiration. Give or take, there are dozens of style influencers out there whose outfit ideas make you want to copy their look. 

On the top of our list is supermodel Gigi Hadid. You may know her as the down-to-earth, blonde bombshell who has been making waves in the media ever since her modelling career took the world by storm. From runway to cover, Gigi’s aesthetic is more than just personal—it’s universal. 

By that, we mean her style screams ‘dressed to the nines’ no matter what the occasion is! Be it street, casual, sporty, or the red carpet, Gigi cements herself as a global trendsetter every time she steps out the door. Her favourites become our favourites too! 

With that said, who wouldn’t want to hop on the same boat? If you’re stuck getting your wardrobe in order, we’ve got aces up our sleeves to help you get jet-set ready. Let KURVE inspire you with these smart tips on how to steal Gigi Hadid’s style! 

1. Denim on Denim

In Frame : Ludovica Jessica in Dolph Tank in Saint 


No other person can mix and match textures of the same kind than Gigi Hadid—and we’re all for it! Risky as it sounds, matching denim with denim can be pretty intimidating but the whole idea works just as well in real-time as it does in your mind. 

Whether it’s a denim jacket over denim jeans, the trick to making this look work is to balance colours. That’s right—denim washes come in several hues and knowing how to match them can add more flair to an already killer look. Darker washes give a slimming effect, while lighter washes highlight parts of your outfit.

With that said, opt for a lighter denim wash as a top or jacket and darker ones for your bottoms. There’s no harm in wearing the same hue all in one go, just wear a neutral coloured top to balance it out. If you want to take things up a notch, cop Gigi’s signature distressed denim garb!

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Steal this look by pairing your denim ensemble with KURVE tops!

2. Go big or go home with coats and blazers. 

In Frame : Verony Casufry in AB Bodysuit in Fade, Almira Prithia in Chuck Crop in Cloudy

Don’t be overwhelmed with how many layers go into Gigi’s style staples. In fact, oversized coats and blazers become last-minute lifesavers when you run out of things to wear! Whether you decide to sport casual or street, throwing a coat over your shoulders will make things a lot more chic. 

Channel your inner ‘it girl’ and rock the coat with high heels, booties, or even your trusty pair of sneakers. One perk of adopting this look is not only do you look fabulous, but you also get an extra dose of warmth when it comes to it. 

3. Crop to the Top

In Frame : Isabella Tan (Pretty Frowns) in Chuck Crop in Venom

Toned abs may be an accessory for most supermodels like Gigi but can anyone complain? This supermodel is not afraid to bare it all! Gigi is known to wear a myriad of cropped tops and no matter what particular style she is in the mood for, they always seem to work. 

Cropped or crop tops can either be loose or fit and depending on your preference. Whatever you decide, the bottom line is that they are absolutely easy to pair with any bottom! Turn your athleisure aesthetic up a notch by pairing loose, yet comfy, crop tops with leggings or joggers. 

Fitted ones work well with sleek slacks, bell bottom jeans, or even tight little skirts. If you’re feeling a little reserved with showing a little skin—don’t worry. Invest on a good pair of high-waisted jeans or bottoms to give you a polished outline. They are versatile staple pieces and great fun to play around with accessories. Experiment a little and just like that, the world is your runway. 

Dare to bare and get the look by checking out KURVE’s new arrivals here! 

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