Style 101: A Guide to Trending Aesthetics

The landscape of aesthetics is reaching far and wide across the digital ecosystem. It’s a lot larger and complex than we think. This goes beyond just an overall style you’re trying to emulate. By definition, aesthetics refer to a set of principles or elements unique to an artistic movement or culture. In today’s layman understanding, aesthetics is mostly bound by style––but there is so much more to it that we can’t help but share with you!

Some of the most common aesthetic trends you’ll find circulating the web are dark academia, cottagecore, and baddie. If these terms sound new to you, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide. Just remember, we’re only pertaining to general fashion and the most common elements found in each category so that you can emulate them yourself! 

Without further ado, here are 5 of the most trending aesthetics today:


Think of all the cool girls you find on Instagram––they most likely fall under the baddie aesthetic. Here, the most common elements are influenced by beauty gurus, Barbie dolls, and influencers. The Baddie aesthetic often comprises people who love donning form-fitting clothing like yoga pants or sports bras, tube tops and tanks, high-rise skinny jeans, and killer heels. 

Anything that basically screams ‘a confident woman with a love for beauty and fashion––but with brows always on fleek.’ This aesthetic also involves a lot of glitter and statement pieces. The bottom line is: if a woman can look like a million dollars no matter the paycheck, she’s probably a baddie. Popular personalities who often copy this aesthetic are Kylie Jenner, Saweetie, and Rihanna. 


Short for ‘electronic girl’, this geek-meets-grunge aesthetic was all the rage after the TikTok app took the world by storm. Not many know, however, that the e-girl subculture has existed since the golden years of Tumblr (the mid-2010s). Most e-girl elements take from emo, grunge, and goth but in recent years, inspiration from the anime scene is profound.

More often than not, anyone who sports the e-girl aesthetic wears geeky, statement tees or sweaters, fishnet stockings, striped shirts, and chain accessories to name a few. Imagine a crafted blend of tech-savvy, quirky girls with neon highlights and freckles across their cheeks––that’s the e-girl aesthetic in a nutshell. Popular personalities who donned the e-girl aesthetic are Nava Rose, Doja Cat, and Billie Eilish.  

Dark Academia

Yes, even academia has a profound influence on fashion. In fact, knowledge and learning are celebrated concepts in this aesthetic––and it’s more than just ‘looking smart’. Dark academia has several variants but the most prominent motifs revolve around literature. That said, people who take on this aesthetic often wear earthy tones, high-end fabrics, and coats. 

Dress pants, turtlenecks, button-down shirts, and blazers are also popular pieces in Dark Academia. It leans over to vintage but more modern takes on the aesthetic are inspired by the university or preppy dress codes. Dark Academia makes scholastic, fantastic!


Also commonly known as ‘farmcore’, this lovely and dainty aesthetic is perfect for anyone who loves simple living. Just by its name, the most prominent elements found in this subculture involve rural life, heritage, gardening, and nature. 

In fashion, Cottagecore lovers often don flowy and flower-patterned dresses, linen blouses, and boots. Embroidered fabrics and handcrafted accessories are also common. Most people would describe the aesthetic to be a Victorian era-inspired fairytale come to life. Yes, often with actual cottages in tow. Think of green foliage, sunny mornings, and flower picking with a wicker basket slung on your arm––that’s Cottagecore for you! 

The bottom line

Every fashionista has their own unique style and the diversity is worthy of celebration. Your personal style is an extension of yourself and there’s no limit to how you want to flaunt it. What’s important is that you embrace it! There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from past trends or icons. In fact, we believe that exploring your options is a fun journey in itself. 

Which of these trending aesthetics caught your eye? Which of them speaks volumes of your personality? Let us know through our social media pages! 

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