Summer Trends You Should Try This 2021!

It’s summer time! We’re all looking forward to the best season of the year and there are plenty of things to watch out for when it comes to summer essentials. One of them is your wardrobe and there is no denying that fashion trends are ever changing as the years go by. 

There are many factors that influence the movement of style in a single season. If you’ve been binge-watching a TV show, you might find inspiration from your favourite characters! Even a simple colour scheme or a budding hobby can inspire your wardrobe.

Take a look at these fun fashion trends and get the inspiration you need to revamp your wardrobe this summer! 

Bigger sleeves

In frame : Paula Anselmi in Classic Bodysuit in Canyon.


Beating the heat doesn’t always mean ‘goodbye’ to sleeves! In fact, puffy sleeves and broader shoulders are making a huge comeback this summer. With many people choosing to go big or go home, you’ll find many style icons rocking rustic yet chic sleeve designs. 

Broader shoulders can be achieved by wearing your favourite blazer over a form-fitting basic top. Cape or balloon sleeves are also a popular choice to provide extra comfort. No matter what type of sleeve you choose, they complement almost any silhouette. That said, match them with your best pair of bottoms and you’re ready to seize the day in style!

Pretty pastels

In frame : @cinthia.sanusi in AB Bodysuit in Pistachio, @reigermar in Dickens Bodysuit in Sky, @diandra.shafira in Kimmy Tank in Lilac.

Bright and pastel colours are often associated with summer trends and even if they’ve been around for some time, the palette never seems to go out of style! Whether you decide to wear a flattering dress or top and bottom ensemble, it’s always best to go for light and pastel colours such as lilac, pink, blue, and custard!

Take things to the next level by matching pastel colours with lighter neutrals! KURVE has an exceptional array of neutrals—and the best part is that you won’t have to go overboard with layers just to achieve a skillful play of ‘mix and match’. 

Perky platforms

In frame : @danellailene in Lou Bodysuit in Cloudy, Paula Anselmi in Devlin Bodysuit in Mocha, @ameliaagustine in Aoki Crop in Mocha.

Who says you’d have to give up heels for flip-flops? Platform sandals are here to prove that wrong! One of the best things about platforms is that they look effortlessly stylish no matter what outfit you wear. Pair them with shorts, pants, skirts, or even dresses, these versatile holy grails can complete any summer look. 

There are also plenty of options for you. Strappy sandals can visually elongate your legs while buckled platforms work with almost any bottom. Grab a comfy pair you’ll find it a lot easier to pull together a killer outfit for the rest of the season. 

Go strapless

In frame : @sanisanii97 in Dante Tube in Banana,@debylynn in Dante Tube in Lilac, Sinthya Tarigan in Dante Tube in Banana, and Shirley Elian in Dante Tube in Heather

If you’re running out of flowy sleeves, why not give your arms a break? By that, we mean to bring out your best tube tops and flaunt your shoulders for the rest of the day! You can go with bright or pastel colours but KURVE favours the classic neutrals. No need to mind the laws of physics—our tops like to defy them by staying in place. 

What makes tube tops perfect for the summer is the convenience of styling them however you want! Plus, you get to save your sweat and beat the heat without putting on too much effort. Even better, tube tops give you more visual space to accessorise, leaving you with plenty of ideas to rock this simple yet savvy summer ensemble. 

Crop it and walk it

In frame : @eileenyovita in Paula Top in Sand, @mathildamagdalina in Chuck Crop in Venom, @shabrinarosalini in Kimmy Tank in Mauve

Of course, crop tops make it to the list! This summer essential is versatile enough that you can wear it all throughout the year. The idea behind baring your midriff shouldn’t intimidate those who would rather cover up—and that’s because crop tops are also great for layering! 

From baggy and breathy tops to something a little more form-fitting, KURVE has the perfect selection for you! Crop tops stay in trend no matter what time of the year it is and you won’t have trouble pulling together a more laid-back look when you feel like it.  

Sultry slit dresses

In frame : Paula Anselmi in Belle Dress in Venom

Care to dress for an occasion? Slit dresses are just the right thing for you! While frills, flowers, and bright colours are often attributed to all things summer, slit dresses are simply hard to ignore! They’re perfect for outlining your curves with an added window to flaunt your legs under the sun. If you have a special date this summer, consider this to be your go-to choice!



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