Tea Time with KURVE: Agnes Vereen [When finding a job feels like finding a soulmate]


Disclaimer: This is a brand new series brought to you by none other than KURVE. We will dive deep into fascinating explorations of life inside KURVE. Get to know the team as we talk about things of daily occurrence to unique heart-warming and inspiring stories from them.

Finding a job could sometimes feel like finding a soulmate, Agnes says.

“If the candidate is qualified and good enough for the job, but the timing isn’t right, they might receive rejections instead of those long-awaited job offers”. 

When I first heard about this, I was mind-blown! I would not have been able to come up with such a creative and relatable metaphor, lol

Anyways, welcome back to another series of Tea Time with KURVE! If you’ve read the first episode of this series with Sheilla before, we’re now tea-timing with KURVE’s very own HR/GA Officer, Agnes Vereen.

Unlike some other familiar faces you’ve seen on our IG stories, Agnes works mostly behind the curtains. She is the one who’s responsible for the company’s administrative tasks, interviewing candidates of employees, maintaining the wellness of the company and the employees, helping resolve conflicts and/or problems, and many more!

It sure isn’t an easy job to do. But did you know? Before Agnes started working full-time for the company, she didn’t really have a specific experience nor an in-depth knowledge about HR, yet she was courageous enough to apply for the position and learn as she goes. This positive attitude is a must-have for anyone looking or applying for a job. You don’t necessarily have to meet all the qualifications on that job posting! If you’re willing to learn and will do whatever it takes to be a good employee for your company, you might just thrive even if you started with the bare minimum. 

For those of you who don’t know, Agnes studied to become a clinical psychologist for her undergraduate studies. She told me that she had joined KURVE even before she graduated, so she needed to juggle her studies and her full-time work here at KURVE. Then she continued by saying that this is one of the things that she really is grateful for until now, because our beloved CEO (Ms. Paula), allowed Agnes to do those things simultaneously. 


Ms. Paula has never, not even once, complained when I needed to attend online classes during working hours… And that’s one of the many perks working here (at KURVE). KURVE has allowed and given me so many opportunities to grow into the person I am today.


Just like how KURVE was built; Agnes mostly learned from the trials and errors during her time working as an HR/GA Officer. I believe that there isn’t any work that is ‘easy’. Agnes, too, faced many challenges at work. One of the hardest hurdles was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the regulations of PPKM tightened and the number of cases drastically rose, KURVE’s employees needed to work from home. Although the employees were still able to conform to the ‘new normal’, the whole process of communication was not... the best. It was so hard to communicate through calls and chats/emails only, and problems related to that thus surfaced.  

However, despite all the setbacks and challenges, Agnes admits that KURVE has grown so much throughout the years! KURVE is now more structured and every aspect of the company has also improved very significantly. 

Then the ‘interview’ with Agnes ends as she gives some useful and relevant tips to every person out there who are currently looking for a job:

Don’t get too sad and disappointed when you receive a rejection letter. Sometimes the rejection has very little to do with you as a person, but more to do with the timing and other factors involved in the process.

She then adds by saying that one of the most important factors to consider when you’re in a job interview is to be genuine, authentic and well-prepared. Don’t hesitate when answering questions from recruiters. If you don’t know an answer to a certain question, still do answer it with confidence

In order to be confident, genuine, and authentic in your answers, you must first know yourselves; what do you want to do, what are your strengths and weaknesses, etc. (hint: this is the next topic we’re going to cover in our next blog post, so you must stay tuned to get additional tips from us!). Good luck on each of your unique journey #KURVIES! It’s okay to struggle and have a hard time, but do take note that we’re resilient beings <3 We can achieve whatever it is that we set our minds to!

Written by: Tamariskha Tibby

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