Tea Time with KURVE: Sheilla Theresia

Disclaimer: This is a brand new series brought to you by none other than KURVE. We will dive deep into fascinating explorations of life inside KURVE. Get to know the team as we talk about things of daily occurrence to unique heart-warming and inspiring stories from them.  

If you have been an avid and loyal customer of KURVE, you must have known that Sisi (otherwise known as Sheilla), Paula Anselmi’s youngest sister, does not own a personal Instagram account. How is that possible for anyone (especially Gen Z’s like her) living in 2021? No judgment here, most people would be in awe! Especially since Sheilla has now become the Social Media & Liaison Officer and Website Developer of KURVE. Others might find it ‘funny’ as Sheilla said in a recent interview with her, but it is actually a quite common phenomenon with people who work in this area, like Mark Zuckerberg who does not run his own Facebook account. 

The question still remains, “why doesn’t she use social media if she works as a social media officer?”. Sisi replied by saying:

For me, the fact that I don’t have a personal social media account doesn’t really affect my work. Because first of all, I know and have always known how to operate social media accounts, especially through KURVE’s. I can still keep up with the latest trends with that alone. Meanwhile, a personal social media account is designed and personalised for you, right? So it does not really affect my work”.

She also stated that social media is really good for one’s business, but she prefers to keep it lowkey when it comes to her personal life👀. Doesn’t that seem kind of relatable to some of us? Well, at least for me it does!

The interview I did with Sheilla lasted for around 30 minutes. She talked about her journey with KURVE. How she started by handling social media at the beginning, then became the General Manager, but stopped when she found out that it was not something that she liked and was ready to take on, after a while. The responsibilities were very big and she realised that if she were to take on this role, she would need the adequate amount of leadership skills. She thought that she did not have enough back then, and switched responsibilities into becoming a Website Developer. 

One thing that stood out to me the most was when she said:

“I actually learned a lot of things, including those leadership skills that I’ve mentioned, from other employees of KURVE. I have learned that being a leader means you’ve got to be brave enough to take actions and responsibilities, but also to be compassionate to those around you. I learned that from none other than my sister, Paula. I have learned to become more organised through my sister’s Personal Assistant; I understood more about the professional world of ‘media’ through KURVE’s Creative Manager; I also learned about a very important aspect of work-life from KURVE’s Media Production Manager/Stylist, to not take things personally at work and that we are always responsible for the things we do. So I have been grateful about a lot of things happening along my work journey, the good and the bad, as they have taught me and shaped me into the person I am today, and I would not have it any other way.”

Man, those are some inspiring words indeed! From what Sheilla has said above, anyone could see that she has been through a lot of things since KURVE started until today. She admitted that it is not always easy as it may look to others. Working together with family for example, has its own perks but could be challenging to some, including Sheilla, as sometimes it is hard for her to 100% separate work from family matters. It is understandable though, as she works and lives with her family, and are together for almost 24/7. I don’t think just anyone could do that, and it shows how much effort Sheilla has put into her work. 

She also juggles two different positions at KURVE now and that is something commendable of itself already. However, despite all these challenges of her work, she continues to support KURVE no matter what and no matter where she goes. She told me a very heart-warming story about how she is super proud of her sister and KURVE. Looking at KURVE’s rapid growth and KURVE’s clothes being worn by many people everywhere, and the fact that it all started with just a dream

She ended the interview with some encouraging words for people who are struggling with finding a job at this difficult time. She said:

“Take that opportunity. Take as many opportunities as you can get and don’t be too picky about it, because every experiences matter, whether small or big. If it has been given to you, provided to you, take them! Don’t think twice, because some opportunities won’t come the second time and you might regret not taking them later. Having opportunities itself is something to be grateful for, right?”

So #KURVIES, grab onto those opportunities you have been thinking about! Learn from others, no matter where or how old you are; as learning knows no boundaries ❤️. Don’t be afraid to fail! Failures usually lead us to somewhere better; whether we realise if we still have many shortcomings to improve on and get better from that, or that there are better places to go. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to fail before you try. Sometimes life might just come at you with a very sweet surprise.

Thank you to everyone who has read up to this point! We are very grateful for Sheilla as well, for taking the time and sharing your inspiring stories to others. We’ll all see you on the next series of Tea Time with KURVE from another excellent and inspiring employee! Can you take a guess? Leave your comment down below! Stay safe #KURVIES, x. 

Written by: Tamariskha Tibby

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