WFH to WFO Transition : Get Ready for the New ‘New Normal’ with KURVE

Who’s tired of hearing ‘new normal’? Will we ever go back to normal?

The term itself isn’t just recently founded, it has been around for quite some time. However, as the number of cases keeps decreasing after the government started to apply stricter PPKM regulations, we have seen some tremendous changes in not just the number alone, but also the lives of many in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

Different companies throughout JABODETABEK might see this as an opportunity to call their employees back to the office. The question is, are you ready, #KURVIES?

Many employees actually DREAD to go back to the office. This might be caused by different factors: the long hours of commute, some work better and more productively in their home environment, they spend less money on food and transportation, and some might still fear the virus (which is totally understandable). 

However, different companies have different ways of doing things. A number of well-known companies I know in Jakarta are applying 3-day WFO and 2-day WFH, while some still apply full WFH and others have had their employees come to the office everyday. 

People have seen mixed responses from this whole situation. Some leap for joy when they’re asked to come back to the office and some might truly despise it. For some, they cannot control this aspect of their lives and we’re here to give you some useful tips, not to change the situation for you, but to make your WFO experience possibly better ;)


It’s all about perspective, they say.

When you focus on the good, your course of actions may shift (IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m not encouraging toxic positivity and definitely not asking you to invalidate your feelings and experiences at all!). 

I’m here to tell you that you have to be kinder to yourself :) Instead of saying things such as: 

I always make mistakes and can’t seem to do anything right ever, I am such a failure

You might change the focus to:

It seems that my actions have not produced the best results in the past. What could I have done differently and how could I improve for the better in the future?” 

While still validating that you might have felt bad and sad about not performing as well as you could have. Don’t blame yourself for every mistake you make, we’re all perfectly imperfect human beings anyway :) 

The same goes with work, instead of saying:

I really hate to go back to the office, I will never be appreciated by anyone anyway

You could change the focus to: 

The situation might be unpleasant at work, but I will do my best. It’s fine if not everyone can see that, but I do know for sure, that I have put everything I could into my work and I appreciate all the good things I have accomplished and done for the company

(but if the environment is too toxic for you, you might also take other courses of action! Only you know what’s best for you #KURVIES. Always remember, YOU MATTER).

Anyway, keep it future-focused and always be kind to not just others, but yourself as well ❤


I was so used to doing my job at the comfort of my bed in my pajamas at the beginning of the pandemic. Now that we are starting to go back to the office, we will need to wake up earlier to make breakfast, make time for dressing up and commuting, do a quick coffee run, etc. 

A few tips from me who’s been working at the office since October 2021:

  1. Start setting up your alarm earlier as if you were working at the office already, at least one week before you actually start going to the office
  2. Take.that.shower.
  3. Force yourself to dress up everytime you work (maybe starting from the top half 🤫🤪)
  4. Start saving up some money for gas/public transportation if needed
  5. Do your best (...and your best doesn’t have to look the same everyday or to anyone else’s for that matter)

The way people prepare for things might differ from one another though! You might also start doing meditations and breathing exercises half an hour before you start work (if you feel anxious), or drink a cup of tea to feel more relaxed. You do you, babes! We wish you nothing but the best in your return to the office. 


It’s time for us to shine #KURVIES!

Let’s bring our “beauty through simplicity” to our respective offices! 

Wear your KURVE as an inner or just as is, when appropriate. Here are a few looks I’d personally go for:

  • Suit Up

    Pair your nude-coloured KURVE tank (like Dolph Tank in Barbie -- still available!) with your favourite blazer-set to achieve this relaxed yet appropriate look.

    • The Fashionable One 

    If you work in a more relaxed work environment, I would LOVE to rock KURVE’s Pasta Tank 1.0 and dress all black to stand out!

  • The It Girl Look

  • Pair your cutest/most elegant skirt with KURVE’s Dolph Tank/Refined Bodysuit and add a few accessories with a small handbag to rock it!

    Why settle for less when you can be EXTRAORDINARY? 💁‍♀️

    Do share a few tips in the comment section down below if you have some to help your fellow #KURVIES cope with this ever-changing situation. Be it WFH or WFO, we’re so ready to take on what’s coming next!

    Stay healthy always and be well, #KURVIES! 

    Written by: Tamariskha Tibby

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