Behind the Scenes: Meet the Team!

Written by : Ica Lim

Behind every success is a group of devoted individuals who all have insightful stories to share. KURVE’s women-centric campaigns are nothing short of inspiring and the team’s collective effort behind the scenes cannot go unnoticed. 

In this week’s blog, we’re featuring the women whose efforts bring KURVE much closer to its goal. Get to know more about them as they share all about their experience from first learning about KURVE to why they continue to bring its mission and vision to life. Read on further:

Tamariskha Tibby

Position: Personal Assistant to CEO

Working at KURVE since May 2020

Something about Tibby

“I am a 23-year old full-time employee and student based in Indonesia. I like dogs and things that are structured and certain.”


Tibby takes ‘school is cool’ to a whole new level now that she’s taking on responsibility and productivity beyond academics:

“I have always liked KURVE even before I started working here. I only tried to apply when there was a job opening and I had nothing to do when the pandemic started, then I got accepted!”

“I love that KURVE is different from most clothing brands I know, especially the local ones. I also love the products that KURVE produces as they fit into a lot of people's different styles, including mine.”

As the personal assistant to KURVE’s CEO, Paula Anselmi, Tibby gets up-close glimpses of what it takes to run a brand with a purpose. Her unwavering support (literally and figuratively) for the cause makes her someone you can definitely rely on. 

Riska Dwin

Position: Creative Manager

Working at KURVE since May 2020

Something about Riska

“Many people say I am cheerful but fierce. But all this time I feel like I'm actually a quiet person.”


“I really like creative marketing and fashion. So, I think this is an opportunity that God gave me to be able to work in the fashion industry.”

Riska not only loves creativity but she has the skill set to bring ideas to life. As the Creative Manager, a lot of her work involves conceptualizing and designing materials for KURVE campaigns. On top of getting your ideal job, any employee needs to see eye-to-eye with their company–and it’s safe to say that Riska’s job was made for her:

“I love KURVE because I think their vision fits one of the principles in my life. That is, ‘embracing self-love no matter what their imperfection is.’ Can you imagine working in the industry you've been eyeing? A position that matches your field and a vision that aligns with your life principles? Yeah, that's how I feel right now at KURVE. And hopefully, it will always be like this.”

Tennie Thesalonica

Position: Finance Officer

Working at KURVE since May 2020

Something about Tennie

“Hard-working, motivated, and eager to absorb as much knowledge and insight as possible in the pursuance of my goals.”


Tennie is determined but more importantly, she loves to learn. When it comes to working hard, Tennie not only seeks to expand her knowledge but also keeps their clients’ best interests at heart. 

 “I love KURVE’s products. Gives me a sense of freedom to express myself, and I love how KURVE cares about not only their business but also listens to what KURVIES wants.”

Knowledge is power but the impact is greater when it leads one to be better than who they were yesterday. It was important for Tennie that a company provides equal opportunities to grow–and with KURVE, she hit a jackpot. 

“KURVE gave me an opportunity to learn and understand more about accounting in a business in real life. We grow together, me as a person, and KURVE as a brand and business.”

Name: Agnes Vereen

Position: Human Resource Officer

Working at KURVE since November 2020

Something about yourself

“I'm a cheerful person and I like challenges. I love to cook and try new dishes (including Sisi's sample cookies).”


“The working environment at KURVE is very interesting, everyone here helps each other to grow and learn. We also don't always learn from the good things, we admit mistakes and learn from them.”

Agnes’ duties and responsibilities at KURVE go beyond just paperwork and people management. In fact, she finds that KURVE is more than just a business–it’s a movement. 

“KURVE sells more than just clothes. KURVE sells “confidence” for everyone, all skin tones & body sizes, all genders.”

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