Established in 2019, BAREKURVE is a fashion brand that focuses on basic wear. Basic wears have been versatile and timeless throughout the years. Everyone, regardless of age and background can wear our apparels. At BAREKURVE, we are ever innovating to provide the best cut, fit, colours and style with the most comfortable fabrics available for our customers #KURVIES.

We can proudly say that innovation, creativity and the strive for perfection is what we aspire for and with our products. We try to inspire our customers to deserve the best with elegance, class and a unique edge while being confidently true to themselves.

Be the best version of you.


Becoming an international brand

To empower everyone and anyone
regardless of race, sex and age

To encourage everyone to be
confident through our brand.


Innovation, creativity, and striving
for perfection for the products.

To inspire people especially women all over
the world to be true to themselves, and
embrace self-love no matter what their
imperfection is.


To be the leading fashion brand who
focuses on basic wear, by providing
and innovating versatile models
throughout time.

To develop strong base and variety of market, by building good reputation among the fashion industry.


BAREKURVE’s founder, Paula Anselmi was previously working full time in a logistics company from year 2015 to 2017. She then decided to leave her job and focus on being full time mom, and wife. Paula loves to shop internationally as she could not find her style of clothes within Indonesia.

Though, the challenges she faced from buying internationally were that the fitting and appearances of the items were not what she would have hoped and expected.

That was when Paula found her calling and was inspired to start her own brand. She believed that she could bring her style of fashion to Indonesia while improving the cutting, fitting and fabric. Even though BAREKURVE has faced many hurdles in the beginning, BAREKURVE has remained steadfast to pursue its goal to become one of the leading fashion brands in Indonesia and if God willing, the world. Starting in year 2019 at Paula’s own apartment and with only 2 employees in total, BAREKURVE has managed to gain around 60,000 Instagram followers and produced more than 40 models and 20 colours that are loved by all customers and numerous celebrities (as can be seen on our Spotted section of our Website)- as of to date, February 2021. We at BAREKURVE have continuously strived to innovate, provide the best fabrics, style and fitting for all Kurvies out there. Our items and collections are made for a diverse range of body types as we aspire to provide and share our products and stories to all women out there.