“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi


Pro Climate  

Our packaging and bags are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.
3 months after our inception in the year 2019, we have moved away from conventional packaging of using plastics and plastic bags. We believe that keeping our environment and climate sustainable, clean and safe are important not only for the present time, but especially for future generations.

We believe that greenhouse effect and climate change due to increased industrial application is a major threat to our society. At KURVE, we try our best to ensure sustainability and credibility environmentally wise.



KURVE Love Charity

At KURVE, we ensure, every month since our inception that we shall donate to a particular organization or charity our Kurvie of the Month (KOTM) desires. Click here to know more about Kurvie of the Month (KOTM)

Apart from ‘KOTM’ charity every month, we try to support and contribute positive changes to the society. An example of our love contribution is to support the front liners (Nurses, Doctors, Online Drivers and others) during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We understand the difficulties the pandemic has caused to all of us and we try our best to help our fellow humans to overcome this disaster together.